Behind Abstract Textures

The idea behind this library is to provide some unique sounds using both sampling and advanced synthesis.
What I really like in sound design is the fact that there are countless possibilities to create new sounds, just out of everything.

So I started recording some common stuff, such as a vacuum cleaner or a music box, and some really weird stuff like a flushing toilet, tube preamps with feedback paths, electromagnetic fields from cellphones and other electrical devices. These sounds has been recorded at high sample rates using both ordinary microphones (Sony PCM-D50, Rode NT5) as well some unusual stuff such the Stethosphone (a custom built tool I made years ago:, guitar pickups and so on.

Some sources used for Abstract Textures

Some sources used for Abstract Textures

Some sounds came from advanced synthesis techniques implemented under NI Reaktor, such as pictures to sounds, heavy cross-modulations and other crazier stuff. All raw files has been processed with various effect chains and finalized with top notch plugins such as 2C Audio, Waves, Maag, SPL and Elysia.
It was very exciting to make this library and I hope you will enjoy Abstract Textures as much as I enjoyed making

Happy playing!


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