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Nov 23, 2012

Electronic Music Conference

Un weekend interamente dedicato alla Musica Elettronica in tutte le sue espressioni. Workshop – Dibattiti – DJ set – Anteprime – Offerte

Sabato 15 Dicembre 2012 – I Guru della Sintesi Sonora
ore 11:00 – 19:00

Domenica 16 Dicembre 2012 – Ableton Day
ore 15:00 – 19:00

Dopo il grande successo della prima edizione dell’Ableton Day dello scorso dicembre, torna, per un intero
weekend e con una formula nuova, l’Electronic Music Conference, evento dedicato alla musica elettronica. I protagonisti sono i docenti, che nell’arco delle due giornate avranno il piacere di introdurre i partecipanti in alcune aree specifiche della musica elettronica.

L’evento avrà luogo presso la sede di Fonderie Sonore – la prima scuola di musica elettronica a Roma, trasformando i comuni spazi didattici in variegati scenari sonori.

L’evento si aprirà sabato 15 con una illustrazione dell’attività dittatica e culturale della scuola.

Per l’intera giornata, si alterneranno gli ”addetti ai lavori” ovvero I GURU DELLLA SINTESI SONORA. Per la prima volta a Fonderie Sonore si incontreranno tre dei massimi esperti italiani – Luca Capozzi, Federico Placidi e Enrico Cosimi.

La giornata successiva, domenica 16, sarà dedicata interamente al software Live prodotto dalla casa tedesca Ableton. Tra i vari ospiti Giancarlo Lanza, Ableton Live Specialist per l’Italia. Sarà compito suo presentare per la prima volta in Italia la nuovissima versione di Live 9 in uscita a gennaio 2013!

Oltre agli “addetti ai lavori” saranno presenti i principali distributori nazionali di materiale audio, che in occasione di questo evento, consegneranno a tutti i partecipanti dei buoni utilizzabili per l’acquisto di diversi prodotti.

Le offerte non finiscono qua! La scuola invece darà a tutti i suoi fan che si presenteranno sabato e domenica uno sconto speciale per l’iscrizione a uno dei corsi in partenza a gennaio 2013!

Fonderie Sonore Srl
via V. Brunacci, 10 Roma

Maya Parvanova
Tel: 06/96849444
Cell: 3497670506

Aug 28, 2010

Asymmetrical Signal Processing – #1

The idea behind this project is to split positive and negative portions from an audio signal for individual processing. A splitter can be mad easily in Reaktor or Max/M4L, using Min/Max modules.

I ran some tests under Ableton Live 8 using Max4Live as splitter on Send A (Positive portion) and Send B (Negative portion). In order to perform this technique, under Ableton Live, is mandatory to set the output of audio channel to be processed on “Sends Only”. I tested this technique on an already mixed electronic track. The original track sounds good and punchy but even “flat” in terms of dynamics and space. I tried using different compressor settings for each part of the signal.

As already mentioned it’s very easy to get a distorted signal specially when the mix have few elements (i.e.: only kick+hh parts).

When the song start pumping with more instruments, here comes the magic: the mix now is wider and more dynamic without losing punch. Adjusting compressor parameters and channel levels dramatically change the final result, more often with heavy distortions.

I have to find a way to get rid of this drawback and test this technique with different effect types and working on some audio and video proof of concept to show.

Stay tuned,

Mar 20, 2010

The Modular Piano 2010

The Modular Piano

This project started as an experiment in summer 2009. I worked on this sound for months, trying to push the boundaries of subtractive synthesis together a wise usage of sampling. The final result is my first commercial library based on this synthesized, different and hopefully new piano sound.

The Modular Piano for NI Kontakt can be purchased as download at a price of €29 on



The Modular Piano solo demo by Space4Keys


Jun 22, 2008

Apocalypse Meow

Apocalypse Meow

Apocalypse Meow, second release of sound designer/IDM artist Luca Capozzi, features eight tracks of exciting electronic music.


01 – Intro (Grinded Dust)
The analog warmth of a Doepfer and a Moog Voyager travels together the shiny frequencies of a digital Nord Modular G2X introducing you through this electronic journey.

02 – Ka’tun IV
The power of genetic polyrhythmed drums with a taste of acid basslines. The harshness of resonant filters used as solo instrument.
Available for licensing

03 – The Prophecy
Dive yourself straight to the action with this soundtrack-style song. Acoustic orchestration and fat basslines are melted together. A rocking keyboard solo to fight the monster.
Available for licensing

04 – Midnight Fog
Modeled dissonations, filter sweeps as melodic lines. Not for untrained ears.

05 – ZO-ology
An easy-to-listen electronic song.

06 – Back to A
How to play a radio transmission and enjoy your favorite soccer team.

07 – Ostreococcus OsV5
How a virus DNA will sound? Here it is. Bassline, distant echoed guitars and swinging percussions are all generated by a virus genome. Reaktor is the cure.
Available for licensing

08 – Lame Walk
A jazzy walking bass meets a crazy automated breakbeat.

Gear used for Apocalypse Meow: Doepfer A-100, Moog Voyager, Clavia Nord Modular G2X, Metasonix TX-1, Roland TR-606, Native Instruments Reaktor 5, AAS Tassman, Logic Studio Pro, Ableton Live 7.