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Nov 24, 2007

Circuit Bent Boss DS-2

This bent gives you the opportunity to change your old Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion from an old pedal to Pure Evil.

You’ll need:

* Jumper wires
* 100K Linear pot
* SPST Switches (On/Off)

WARNING: This bent will permanently change your pedal sound. There is no bypass here.

First of all, open your Boss DS-2 and pull out the PCB paying attention to the wires inside the box. Now you can see both “Input” and “Remote” jack sockets. If you want to put a knob inside the box, you can remove the “Remote” socket to free space. As you can see, there are two black cables soldered to a “Remote” socket plug and one of them goes to the main switch. Remove the “Remote” socket and solder the long black cable to the main switch. Now you can fit the pot into the free hole.

Circuit Bent Boss DS-2 PCB Side

PCB Side

Pull out the main switch while pushing the two little side “levers”. Let your SPST switch cables passing through the same path as main switch cables. Now you’re ready to solder. Using the “PCB Side” image as reference, do the following steps:

Solder one switch wire to the point marked as A and join the remaining cable to one of two lateral pot cables (see point B on the picture). Solder the center pot cable to the point marked as D and the last cable to the C point.

Solder a jumper wire between the two blue points as shown in reference picture. Now you can close your pedal and enjoy.

Further Developments

There are other interesting point around D marker. The upper blue point seems to be the signal output and can be joint with the area to the left of C point for feedback loops. Try it using a switched pot in order to activate the feedback and setting the amount. The bottom blue point seems to be into the filter section and this area can provide other interesting timbres. I suggest you to keep out from the yellow area, especially from the right side and the top power socket.


Nov 24, 2007

Lead Sculpting

Here is a set of three articles I wrote on about programming classic Progressive Metal keyboard lead sounds. Those articles covers Jens Johansson, Derek Sherinian and Jordan Rudess leads.

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