Aug 28, 2010

Asymmetrical Signal Processing – #1

The idea behind this project is to split positive and negative portions from an audio signal for individual processing. A splitter can be mad easily in Reaktor or Max/M4L, using Min/Max modules.

I ran some tests under Ableton Live 8 using Max4Live as splitter on Send A (Positive portion) and Send B (Negative portion). In order to perform this technique, under Ableton Live, is mandatory to set the output of audio channel to be processed on “Sends Only”. I tested this technique on an already mixed electronic track. The original track sounds good and punchy but even “flat” in terms of dynamics and space. I tried using different compressor settings for each part of the signal.

As already mentioned it’s very easy to get a distorted signal specially when the mix have few elements (i.e.: only kick+hh parts).

When the song start pumping with more instruments, here comes the magic: the mix now is wider and more dynamic without losing punch. Adjusting compressor parameters and channel levels dramatically change the final result, more often with heavy distortions.

I have to find a way to get rid of this drawback and test this technique with different effect types and working on some audio and video proof of concept to show.

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  • Ciao Luca,
    ottimo lavoro come sempre!
    Per piacere, mi mandi un tuo contatto email, che devo parlarti di una coserella?

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