Jan 21, 2013

EMS Synthi E for sale

I’m selling this ultra rare EMS Synthi E. This is an educational version of Synthi, using patch cables instead of pin points. It has been manufactured in 1975 and only about 200 units (and this one is s/n 147.E), so this is almost extinct as synthesizer. This unit is in a good shape, for an almost 40 years old instrument. Volume faders are a bit noisy when you move them and the touch pad needs to be pushed hard to properly play, but can be easily serviced. I’ve used this synthesizer for some textures in Sound Wall Project debut album Monomorphosis. This unit comes with original patch cables. Contact me via Facebook if interested.

Price: SOLD

Jan 21, 2013

Korg MS-20 for sale

I’m selling my beloved Korg MS-20, in a very good shape including original patch cables. All keys, pots and patch points works perfectly. This unit has been used to make Audiority Harshness library. Contact me via Facebook if interested.



Behind Abstract Textures

The idea behind this library is to provide some unique sounds using both sampling and advanced synthesis.
What I really like in sound design is the fact that there are countless possibilities to create new sounds, just out of everything.

So I started recording some common stuff, such as a vacuum cleaner or a music box, and some really weird stuff like a flushing toilet, tube preamps with feedback paths, electromagnetic fields from cellphones and other electrical devices. These sounds has been recorded at high sample rates using both ordinary microphones (Sony PCM-D50, Rode NT5) as well some unusual stuff such the Stethosphone (a custom built tool I made years ago: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Stethosphone/234909), guitar pickups and so on.

Some sources used for Abstract Textures

Some sources used for Abstract Textures

Some sounds came from advanced synthesis techniques implemented under NI Reaktor, such as pictures to sounds, heavy cross-modulations and other crazier stuff. All raw files has been processed with various effect chains and finalized with top notch plugins such as 2C Audio, Waves, Maag, SPL and Elysia.
It was very exciting to make this library and I hope you will enjoy Abstract Textures as much as I enjoyed making

Happy playing!

Nov 23, 2012

Electronic Music Conference

Un weekend interamente dedicato alla Musica Elettronica in tutte le sue espressioni. Workshop – Dibattiti – DJ set – Anteprime – Offerte

Sabato 15 Dicembre 2012 – I Guru della Sintesi Sonora
ore 11:00 – 19:00

Domenica 16 Dicembre 2012 – Ableton Day
ore 15:00 – 19:00

Dopo il grande successo della prima edizione dell’Ableton Day dello scorso dicembre, torna, per un intero
weekend e con una formula nuova, l’Electronic Music Conference, evento dedicato alla musica elettronica. I protagonisti sono i docenti, che nell’arco delle due giornate avranno il piacere di introdurre i partecipanti in alcune aree specifiche della musica elettronica.

L’evento avrà luogo presso la sede di Fonderie Sonore – la prima scuola di musica elettronica a Roma, trasformando i comuni spazi didattici in variegati scenari sonori.

L’evento si aprirà sabato 15 con una illustrazione dell’attività dittatica e culturale della scuola.

Per l’intera giornata, si alterneranno gli ”addetti ai lavori” ovvero I GURU DELLLA SINTESI SONORA. Per la prima volta a Fonderie Sonore si incontreranno tre dei massimi esperti italiani – Luca Capozzi, Federico Placidi e Enrico Cosimi.

La giornata successiva, domenica 16, sarà dedicata interamente al software Live prodotto dalla casa tedesca Ableton. Tra i vari ospiti Giancarlo Lanza, Ableton Live Specialist per l’Italia. Sarà compito suo presentare per la prima volta in Italia la nuovissima versione di Live 9 in uscita a gennaio 2013!

Oltre agli “addetti ai lavori” saranno presenti i principali distributori nazionali di materiale audio, che in occasione di questo evento, consegneranno a tutti i partecipanti dei buoni utilizzabili per l’acquisto di diversi prodotti.

Le offerte non finiscono qua! La scuola invece darà a tutti i suoi fan che si presenteranno sabato e domenica uno sconto speciale per l’iscrizione a uno dei corsi in partenza a gennaio 2013!

Fonderie Sonore Srl
via V. Brunacci, 10 Roma

Maya Parvanova
Tel: 06/96849444
Cell: 3497670506

Nov 20, 2012

Ableton Live Synths & Arturia MiniBrute

In this video i’ll show some nice features of Ableton Live instruments (Analog, Operator and Sampler). Furthermore, i’ll show you what happens when you join both analog and digital worlds together. Italian only.


Oh boy, any news?

I’ve not updated this blog from a while. I’m very busy with my job (both IT and SD) so i’ve got no spare time to update my blog.
There are a lot of news and fantastic jobs I did in the past months so, I promise, i’ll update this blog as soon as possible.

Stay tuned,


AudioThing TX-101 Live Improv

Here is a live demo track I made for AudioThing TX-101 sequencer for Kontakt.

Jul 24, 2012

Doepfer Dark Energy e Installazione Glide

In this video i’m performing a quick demostration of Doepfer Dark Energy and i’ll explain how to install optional glide kit. Italian only.